The Revolution Will Not Die With Us is a series of accumulative works (performative, installations) by Voin de Voin and Marie Civikov, based on a parallel phenomenon in their family history in which, nearly a century ago, their ancestors stood up against the invasive regimes and forming dictatorships in Bulgaria, already formed in central Europe and the East.

Each work is a response that explores a phase in their journey from past to present in which they reflect and project, trespassing facts and evidences into a new plane of presentation, coming close to a documentary fiction format.

Throughout this process they aim to accomplish the cycle of parts, that once executed will lead them to their personal liberation, will let go of the inherited archive and embody their new selves as figures that can speak the language of a new born Revolution.

The Revolution Will Not Die With Us #3 - You have seen me in your sleep

March 17, 21:30, Ground Festival, Ruimtevaart Den Haag

In cooperation with Andrew Fremont-Smith